Yue, Tiffany

Nowadays people like to have landing pages for themselves. I would say that that’s usually useful, but in the case of someone who’s still quite figuring out her public branding problem, yet wants to bear some kind of presence on the Internet (and besides she already paid for the domain name), that might only be the least bit useful. I used to have a lot of things displayed online, like my old paintings (I still fantasize about an alternate universe where I am a contemporary oil painter), photos/video stills from an aggressive stint following Araba Ankuma and Emily Lipson around with a Canon DSLR, some documentation of projects like The Locust Experiment, The Collctve, and a startup I co-founded called VINCI VR (all back when I studied Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania), but I’d prefer that we just talk about all this in person. : ~ )